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Services Offered

Searches Available
Typical Turnaround
CRIMINAL RECORDS – COUNTY Felony & Misdemeanor records obtained directly from county seat courts. All searches are initiated fresh; these are not database searches. 1 – 3 Days
CRIMINAL RECORDS – ‘STATEWIDE’ Multi-jurisdictional repository maintained by the state. All records found are confirmed at the county level. May not contain all records; dependent on county participation. 1 – 3 Days
CRIMINAL RECORDS – FEDERAL Felony & Misdemeanor records obtained directly from federal courts. All searches are initiated fresh; these are not database searches. 1 – 2 Days
CRIMINAL RECORDS – NATIONAL DATABASE Multi-jurisdictional database provided by 3rd parties. Sources are courts, state repositories, correctional records, etc. Should be used as a supplemental search only. 4 Hours or less
CIVIL COURT RECORDS – COUNTY OR FEDERAL These records concern: employer-employee conflicts, property, personal rights, personal injuries, liability suits, contract disputes, landlord-tenant conflicts, etc. 1 – 3 Days
SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY SEARCH Using state and national repositories, we search for known sexual offenders. Level of information is based on the state from which the information is retrieved. 1 Day
HOMELAND SECURITY SEARCH This product is a search of OFAC and 45 national and international terrorist and fugitive lists. 4 Hours or less
NATIONAL WANTS & WARRANTS Searches for outstanding extraditable warrants in any state. Provides originating agency; no other details available. 1 Day
SSN TRACE Need help identifying what counties to search for criminal history? This report will help identify past addresses and often reveals ones they hope you never find Instant
DRIVING RECORDS An employee runs an errand for his boss and has an injury accident. You didn’t bother to check his driving history – and he has multiple citations. Guess who’s liable? Three-year history is typical; some states supply more. 1 Day
EMPLOYMENT CREDIT REPORTS Provides a sense of an individual's fiscal responsibility, especially if the individual is going to have access to cash or negotiables, expensive equipment, residents’ homes, or other trusted environments. Instant
Employment & Personal
Don't fall into the trap of thinking references are worthless. Even if you only get dates and title, this can reveal when a candidate has lied about or stretched their work history. Personal References are often the only source of information when an applicant claims self-employment. 1 – 3 Days
EDUCATION, PROFESSIONAL LICENSE & CREDENTIAL VERIFICATION Studies reveal that education is the most distorted and exaggerated item on a resume or application. And, if distorted, this reveals something about the character of the candidate. 1 – 3 Days
FEDERAL SANCTIONS & EXCLUSIONS SEARCH Checks the GSA’s Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) and the OIG’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) for excluded or sanctioned individuals. 4 Hours or less
HEALTHCARE SANCTIONS SEARCH Checks GSA, OIG, DEA, FDA & 800+ other federal and state lists for sanctioned individuals. 4 Hours or less
BANKING ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS SEARCH This search identifies individuals and institutions that have been the subject of banking enforcement actions, orders or penalties. 1 Day
WORKER’S COMPENSATION Once a conditional job offer has been made, this search can be used to verify information and helps in assigning appropriate work or physical labor tasks. 1 – 10 Days
ELECTRONIC FORM I-9 Complete and archive I-9 forms online; avoid costly I-9 audits. Instant
E-VERIFY Verify employment eligibility with DSH & SSA for newly hired employees. Instant
INTERNATIONAL SEARCHES Criminal, civil, employment verification, education confirmation across the globe. Up to 8 Weeks
NATIONAL TenantSCREEN Instant product that screens potential tenants against a national criminal and sex offender database. Instant
NATIONAL RegistryCHECK Instant product that screens potential tenants against a national evictions database. Instant
TENANT CREDIT REPORTS Similar to employment report but also includes FICO score. From TransUnion bureau. Instant
Landlord & Employment
Verifies rental history, salary, the chance for continued employment. 1 – 3 Days
VolunteerSCREEN Screens volunteers against a national criminal & sex offender database. Instant
DRUG SCREEN Urinalysis, Hair & Breath; DOT & Non-DOT testing available. All confirmed positives will take an additional 24 hours. 24 Hours

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Corporate, Staffing, Services, Retail, Transportation, Childcare, Education, Subcontractors, Dating, Tenants, Property Maintenance, Non-Profit, Volunteer, Retail Small Businesses and many others.

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