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Legacy Setup & Login

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Client Set Up

We will need information about your business to set up your account and assign access codes.
Please click on these four forms and e-mail back to us at or fax to 800-403-9044.

  • Instructions on Login: Provides you Instructions on Login
  • Account Application: Provides us with your client’s company information so that we may set up their account.
  • Authorized Users: This form allows your client to designate all users that are authorized to access the online ordering & retrieval system.
  • Consumer Report End-User Agreement: This certification is required by law for anyone using consumer reports for employment purposes.
  • Obligations of Users: You are required by law to provide your client with this information; please make sure they read it carefully.

We will e-mail your user ID(s) and password(s) when the account is activated. You, in turn, should:

  • Provide them with a copy of the Obligations of Users Under the FCRA document. (This step is required by Federal Law.)
  • Supply them with FCRA-compliant applicant forms
  • If you have the Web Program, introduce them to your online ordering site and provide them with their login codes
  • Provide them with a Client Reference Manual

Applicant Process

The following documents are provided to facilitate the processing of a subject’s background verification. The information in these forms is required by law, although the client may use their own version of these FCRA-compliant forms if they wish.

  • Background Check Disclosure:
    A Background Check Disclosure is required by law for every background search performed by a Consumer Reporting Agency. Although the Disclosure we are offering can be edited, please be aware it is currently FCRA-compliant and alterations could affect the scope or legality of the document. The client is not obligated to use our Disclosure; they are welcome to create their own, which makes them responsible for their compliance.
  • Background Check Authorization:
    The applicant's written authorization is also required before a Consumer Reporting Agency procures any type of consumer report on an applicant or employee. The authorization found on most employment applications are not sufficient for FCRA purposes. This form gathers information that is not normally found on an application but must be submitted in order to search the individual’s history. If you have fax-in customers, the information on the authorization form will be needed in order for you to enter a search request for your clients. If your fax-in clients request employment or education verification, we suggest they also provide you with a copy of the application or resume. Again, while you may edit this form, please be aware that it is currently FCRA-compliant.
  • Summary of Rights under the FCRA:
    The FCRA requires employers to provide applicants and employees a summary of their rights under the FCRA with every request for a background check. In addition, if you or your client takes adverse action against an applicant or employee based on information included in our background check report, you/they are required by law to follow the Adverse Action procedures delineated in the FCRA. One requirement is that the end-user must supply the applicant or employee with a copy of these rights again. This Summary of Rights under the FCRA was created by the Federal Trade Commission and cannot be altered.
  • State Specific Forms:
    Certain states also require that additional forms be provided to applicants and employees.
    California: A Summary of Your Rights Under California Civil Code Section 1786.22
    New York: NY Correction Law Article 23-A

NOTE: All forms, except the Summary of Rights and specific state forms, are provided in Word format so that you may replace all instances of SEG with your company name and logo. Please do not change any other pertinent wording unless approved by SEG. Certain forms are provided only in PDF format because the wording has been established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or other federal or state agencies and should not be altered under any circumstance.

Credit Set Up

Requesting credit reports for employment purposes requires employers to be registered with the credit bureau. The following documents are supplemental to the above-required forms and must be completed before employment credit reports can be accessed. Can take up to 4 days to verify client information before ordering a credit check.

Please note the following additional important Credit Information:

  1. The EEOC strongly suggests that the use of credit reports for employment purposes be explicitly job-related. In addition, some states have enacted legislation that severely limits the use of credit reports for employment purposes. End-users must be aware of any limitations in their state.
  2. Employment credit reports do not contain certain information normally found in creditworthiness reports and do not offer creditworthiness ratings.
  3. Every time a credit report is pulled it 'leaves tracks.' Your client’s company name will be listed as an employment inquiry on each credit report they pull.

Credit Bureau Agreement: This is your client’s end-user agreement with the credit bureau. It is similar to the Consumer Report End-User Agreement but is specific to credit reports for employment purposes. PLEASE NOTE that this document is a PDF file with the Achievement Tec name on it. In order to sell credit reports to your clients, the agreement must have our name on it, per credit bureau regulations. Most affiliates simply tell their clients that we are their authorized TransUnion reseller for credit reports.

  • Letter of Intent: The bureau requires that we have a letter of intent on file for all credit report subscribers. Please have your client provide us with a letter of intent on their own letterhead. This is a sample letter that they may use for reference.
  • Bank & Trade References: TransUnion requires us to verify bank and trade (vendor) references. This information is only used to confirm that your client has a business account in good standing with that bank or vendor.
  • Bank & Trade Release: This is the release form with which we can verify the bank & trade (vendor) references.
  • Sample Inspection Form: All credit bureaus require an on-site inspection in order to be approved for credit report access. This is a sample of the form used by the inspector that will visit your client’s site. Please note that the 3rd party inspection company charges a one-time fee of $100 for the inspection, which gets passed directly onto the affiliate.

E-Verify and Electronic Form I-9 Setup

These services are offered from Form I-9 Compliance, LLC. These searches are fully integrated with our online ordering system and are offered post-hire only.

If your client has only requested Form I-9 services, only the above two forms are required. Once we have the signed forms, we will enable Electronic Form I-9 access to the client’s account. If your client would like E-Verify service, the forms below are also required.

Additional forms for E-Verify clients ONLY:

E-Verify clients must post these posters in a prominent place, clearly visible to prospective employees:

3rd Party Fees

Please note that our pricing does not include potential fess for accessing state and county, motor vehicle records or surcharges imposed by employers and educational institutions for reviewing records.