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About Us

Secure Employment Group (SEG) affiliate was founded in 1989, we are a premier national pre-employment screening company that optimizes your hiring process, allowing you to reduce hiring mistakes, strengthen the selection process, improve employee productivity, and ultimately enriches your bottom line. Our tools and services have helped employers of all sizes and industries achieve more profitability, performance, and production.

We offer solutions for all industries from entry level to executive positions, with a focus on customization that fits the way you function. Our consultative approach avoids the numerous pitfalls that plague cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions. Background Checks will reveal unsuitable, dangerous or risky hires, greatly reducing liability. Drug Testing eliminates the unsavory element that costs you money and undermines your company’s productivity

Our 29+ plus years of experience gives our clients the assurance of professionalism, knowledge, expertise, and dependability. We provide objective information that greatly enhances your success in hiring and promoting the right people. Find out why our clients continue to trust the SEG difference.

SEG Philosophy

The SEG philosophy is provide continuous improvements to our workforce, home and service offerings. We work diligently to anticipate our clients' needs and develop new solutions to address evolving business requirements. Constantly strive to work closely with our clients to provide custom tailored solutions and BEST IN CLASS customer service, while keeping our 3 most important factors in focus: fast search turnaround, high data integrity, and consistent cost-saving solutions for our clients. Lastly, continue to develop and use technology to purposefully further our growth and enhance both the client and applicant experience.

A Message from our FOUNDER

After doing some research I was shocked to see with today's technology in an even more dangerous world, how few companies provide thorough pre-employment screening including background checks and drug testing. Also being a parent of four children, I know firsthand the need to protect our most precious gifts. Our current headlines are plagued with abuse, sex offenders, theft, fraud, violence in schools even at sporting events so I became very passionate about doing something to help us ALL feel more 'SECURE' so this is the how and why SEG was created!

Working in the retail and corporate world for more than 20 years, I understand how valuable a sense of security is for us all. So SEG is committed to making certain the people working next to us, in our homes, and around our loved ones are not dangerous. To protect those around us with knowledge and truth.

I look forward to having the opportunity to serve and educate you and your company.

Jennifer R. Mix

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