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Did You Know?

Important Statistics

Studies show that 30-40% of all job applicants put false information on their resumes and applications. Potential employees also frequently exaggerate their qualifications during an interview, which is misleading and may cause avoidable issues within the workplace. These statistics are staggering and add to the value and importance of our background checks.

"According to a national survey, American retail employees stole $10.4 billion in a one-year period." 
- University of Florida

"On-the-job violence costs employers $36 billion each year." 
- Workplace Violence Research Institute

"30% of business failures are caused by employee theft."
- Department of Commerce

"Drug users cost 300% more in medical costs and benefits." 
- Crain's Cleveland Business

Criminal History

  • Are your employees placed in a position of trust?
  • Do your clients place trust in your service?
  • Are you vulnerable to the public?
  • Could you be sued for negligent hiring practices?

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

  • Does the employee drive a company car or work truck?
  • Is he/she asked to run a company errand?
  • Must the employee drive between locations or meetings?

Education Confirmation

  • Does the job require a degree?
  • Are credentials important to your credibility?
  • Is he/she one of the 30% that exaggerate their education?

Previous Employment Screening

  • Has this applicant stretched the employment dates?
  • Does this applicant have the experience he/she claims?
  • Did that applicant have the work ethics he/she claims?

Name/SSN Trace

  • Has this applicant used an alias?
  • Did the applicant use another name to deceive employers?
  • Are there discrepancies in the social security number?

Workers' Compensation Claims History/Drug Screening

  • Can the employee perform the major functions of the job?
  • Does the employee's history make the company vulnerable? (To be used post-job offer, during the medical review process.)
  • Does the applicant have a drug abuse problem

Contact our company to learn more about our critical background checks including county, state, and federal, sex offender, e-verify, electronic I-9, SSN trace, personality assessments, and drug screenings.

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